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Water is the most important factor of life. It is also the most basic component of cultural and economic development as well as life on our „blue planet“. Aside the need of keeping our most precious resource in good shape, water has risen to one of the most important markets of the future caused by the increasing pollution of our water resources.

up2e! is all about water!

We provide solutions for a whole variety of different industries and wastewater profiles. Our main focus is on problematic and challenging wastewaters by means of oxidation. It is our main priority to make sure we meet our client’s specific needs with highest possible flexibility.

Understanding internal processes in order to support smooth and uninterrupted operations and to provide highest safety standards is a natural part of our work.

Based on on-site visits, laboratory sample analysis and/or piloting our technology at client’s premises, we are able to create both, economically as well as technically optimized solutions to meet expectations.

Typical applications of our processes include, but are not limited to:

 COD removal

 Process water pre-treatment


 Spent Caustic

 Degradation of anthropogenic trace substances

 Prevention of biofouling

In addition to the examples provided above, there is a whole variety of other ways to deploy our technology to the benefit of our clients. We are looking forward to meeting you as to offer solutions fitting your individual needs.

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