About us

up2e! was founded in 2018 by a team of experienced wastewater specialists together with EnviroChemie. Our joined focus rests on industrial wastewater treatment, water circulation and water treatment.

All core components used by our customers are produced in-house, based on many years of experience. Research and development are a central focus of our business activities and the further development of the company.

Depending on the complexity of the plants to be built, production takes place at our location in Rain am Lech or at our partner EnviroChemie, where we can call on over 450 engineers and technicians with many years of experience and more than 5,000 m² of production space. Based on this cooperation, we can also offer comprehensive maintenance concepts right up to operational management.

Our solutions are individually tailored to the needs of our customers. In addition to a small footprint and, if desired, mobile design, our systems are characterized by high technical and commercial efficiency.

Our customers benefit from the possibility of up-front laboratory analysis, on-site test runs with our pilot plants and thus the certainty that our plants will deliver the required treatment results, and that they will be able to produce the required results based on technically and commercially optimized engineering and design.

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