up2e! systems can be used in many areas of water and wastewater treatment. Here is an excerpt of applications not listed in prioritized order:

1. Industrial applications:

  • COD degradation
  • Disinfection
  • Process water pre-treatment
  • Reuse
  • Reducing wastewater fees and fresh water consumption
  • Prevention of bio-films

2. Biological plants:

  •  Disinfection
  •  Degradation of anthropogenic trace substances (hormones, analgesics, X-ray contrast media, plastic additives, bactericides, corrosions inhibitors, etc.)
  •  Improved treatment performance and capacity increase without high reconstruction expenditures
  •  Reuse of discharge

3. Oil & Gas-Industry:

  •  Spent Caustic-, Phenol and Mercaptans treatment
  •  Sour Water-, Phenol and Mercaptans treatment
  •  COD degradation
  •  Diversionary wastewater treatment

4. Water supply, potable water, swimming pools, surface water:

  •  Disinfection
  •  Prevention of bio-films
  •  Reducing or eliminating chlorine usage in potable waters
  •  Prevention of Legionella and Giardia formation, prevention of algae formation

5. Desalination:

  •  Prevention of bio-fouling on membranes
  •  Increasing desalination capacity thus reducing energy demand and reject


The up2e! solution is designed as a modular system. As a result, the system can be adapted to individual customer needs and wastewater profiles simply, quickly and variably. This also includes retrofitting, i.e. the subsequent optimisation of existing alrady ozonation systems.

Our technical approach allows to specifically tackle highly problematic and challenging wastewater streams. In many cases, we are able to deliver higher degradation rates at lower investment and operational costs as compared to other solutions available.

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