up2e! has developed an outstanding way of combining acoustics with a unique gas mass transfer approach, the Roturi®, creating a very powerful and reactive Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP).

Both, the optimized ozone dissolution combined with the introduction of acoustic energy create a modular and compact process with excellent oxidation features.

The treatment process takes place at ambient temperature and pressure and is therefore easy to operate and control.

Treatment intensity can be adjusted to the type of contaminants, level of pollution and treatment objective.

The Roturi® is a revolutionary gas mass transfer device. Due to its design, gases of different nature (e.g. ozone, oxygen) are dissolved at ambient pressure. The Roturi’s® unique gas mass-transfer mechanism only generates low energy demands compared to other devices.

In many cases acoustic energy is combined with the Roturi® optimizing the oxidation process.

In addition to impressive cost effectiveness the operational conditions ensure safety, controllability and improved performance. 

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